trinityjade000 (trinityjade000) wrote in nuva_ring,

additional birth control methods required?

Hello, everyone.
Can anyone help me with a question? I used nuvaring a couple of years ago and then stopped. I haven't been using any hormonal birth control method for the past year. I'm starting to use nuva again today (the first day of my period). I read on their website that I was protected straight away and didn't have to use any additional methods of birth control. However, two different chemists gave me two different answers. One said I had to wait 14 days, the other that I would have to wait a month to be fully protected. When I mentioned the site information they didn't even pay attention to me. My guess is that because nuvaring is hormonal, they're giving me the same info they would give to a woman starting the pill. Can I trust the site or is it too risky? Also, some years ago there was a number we could subscribe to, and nuva would text us when it was time to remove the ring, doe it still work? Thank you so much in advance.
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