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Lovers Of Nuva Ring's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Lovers Of Nuva Ring

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Vitamin D and the NuvaRing [15 Mar 2014|02:26pm]

Hi. I have a quick question: Does anyone have a vitamin D deficiency after using the NuvaRing? I'm trying to figure out if my current levels have anything to do with the ring. I'm x-posting this to VaginaPagina. Thanks!
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unprotected sex before starting Nuvaring [27 Feb 2014|12:43pm]

So I have my first ever Nuva ring waiting in its package for my period to arrive, which should be within a week. But this morning in a heat of the moment kinda thing I had unprotected sex, he didnt do anything in there he finshed elsewere but I know withdrawing isnt exactly good and can still lead to pregnancy. Im alittle freaked now and I cant call the doctor because it is to awkward for me to talk about with anyone, I had a panic attack just going to the Dr to TALK about birth control not even any kind of exam just talking it is that uncomfortable for me. I try to tell myself "they deal with this everyday youll be fine" etc. But once I get there it doesnt matter and I get uncontrolable anxiety and teary eyed and want to run out of the drs office. So I should just wait and see and once I get my period put it in? But what if I dont get my period, its always irregular though so what if its just taking its time....
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My Painful Life on Continuous Nuvaring [01 Dec 2013|10:41pm]
All of my post-pubescent life I've experience painful, heavy periods. For years I told myself that it was normal and that most girls go through cramps and to just get over it. That being said, over the past 2-3 years I have had debilitating menstrual cramps, passing large clots and tissue, and figured, well maybe something isn't right and made and appointment to see an OBGYN.

Much to my dismay, instead of confirming that my periods weren't normal and trying to find an actual solution to my pain, he brushed it off to normal period pain, and prescribed me continuous BC. Seeing as I am terrible at remembering to take a medicine on schedule, I decided on NuvaRing, which I had used before as regular BC 3 weeks in 1 week out and had little problems, short of weight gain and decreased sex drive. So I thought that it would be a good and safe choice for me.

Boy was I wrong.

From the first day that I started, I was crampy, my breast were painful and grew to the point that I had to get a breast reduction. I bleed for 2 weeks straight and was told by the OBGYN nurse it was normal and after 3 months my body would get used to it. So while the weight gain and the breast pain and growth stopped, only after having the glands and 40% of my breast tissue removed, the break through clots and obnoxious cramps continued, and accompanied by some random "period" that is mostly tissue and clots and lasts for 2 weeks. As well as pain every single day and spotting 20 out of the 30 days a cycle.

I understand that I should be consulting with my OBGYN about this, but if you can imagine, I've come to not trust his judgment and failure to really listen to me has driven me to tears. I have also I have moved over an hour away from my OBGYN and my PHCP. I also realize that this is a forum for people that love NuvaRing but really I'm not against it. I used it successfully for over a year as intended and loved it. I really am posting this to get some sort of advice as to stop the use of the ring. I don't want to mess up my system anymore than it has. I know that there is probably other issues that may need to be addressed but right now, I need to figure out how to get this awful thing out of me safely.

I really hope that there is someone here that understand my plight and not group me in with women who suffer from the regular "cervix is releasing blood and needs to open" pain. Any advice would be awesome as I search for a new doctor. If you had any of the symptoms I'm experiencing or mainly how to stop I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you
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Considering Nuva Ring [29 Oct 2013|10:50am]
[ mood | curious ]

Hey all-
I currently have a Mirena IUD that is out of place and is getting removed next week.  I love the Mirena because it's low-dose hormones right where they need to be.  I was on the BCP for a while but the hormones all up in my system caused serious problems for me.  I was just wondering what the difference between the pill and the ring are?  Is it more localized like the Mirena, or do you feel the hormones raging through your system?  It seems like the Ring should be more localized and I'm considering switching if so!
Thanks for the advice!

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ring out 1 week early, put in 1 week late [27 Oct 2013|11:49am]

I had a really rough month and REALLY screwed up my birth control. I've been on the nuvaring for about 6 months now. Between stress at work and dealing with my sick kids, I accidentally removed my nuvaring 1 week early. Unfortunately I didn't even think about I out the new one in... 2 weeks later. I have auto-refills at the pharmacy so I received notification that my ring was ready for pick up. At that point I realized it had been 2 weeks since I had removed the ring.

I had my usual withdrawal bleed (no real cramping, just spotting/light flow) and had sex twice between the end of my "period" and when I put the new ring in.

I haven't had much luck looking this up on google, but is it possible I am pregnant? The ring was in for 2 weeks, out for 2 weeks. I have a gyn appointment tomorrow afternoon and I took a pregnancy test this morning that was negative... but realistically it hasn't been 2 weeks since I had sex so I doubt a test would show positive anyway.

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forgot to Put nuvaring after 3 hours and now im bleeding [22 Oct 2013|11:13pm]
Hi. I've been using nuvaring for 3 months now. On saturday i took out the nuvaring and had sex and he came in, but fell asleep and forgot to put it on. When i woke up my ring was broken because the dog had ate it. So, i couldn't put it on again. I've had sex all of these days but he didn't came in. And today, Tuesday, i am bleeding. I don't know what is happening, if my period came earlier or what. Can i still be pregnant? What should i do? HELP. i don't know what to do.
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no period [18 Aug 2013|10:04am]
this is my first month of using the nuvaring, i took it out the 14th of august and its the 18th and i havnt gotten my period. my boyfriend and i weren't using a condom when having sex. why havnt i gotten my period yet, is it because its my first months use? and if i dont get it before the end of my off week do i put another one in regardless?
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additional birth control methods required? [24 Jul 2013|07:27pm]
Hello, everyone.
Can anyone help me with a question? I used nuvaring a couple of years ago and then stopped. I haven't been using any hormonal birth control method for the past year. I'm starting to use nuva again today (the first day of my period). I read on their website that I was protected straight away and didn't have to use any additional methods of birth control. However, two different chemists gave me two different answers. One said I had to wait 14 days, the other that I would have to wait a month to be fully protected. When I mentioned the site information they didn't even pay attention to me. My guess is that because nuvaring is hormonal, they're giving me the same info they would give to a woman starting the pill. Can I trust the site or is it too risky? Also, some years ago there was a number we could subscribe to, and nuva would text us when it was time to remove the ring, doe it still work? Thank you so much in advance.
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Nuvaring Question [16 Jul 2013|09:53pm]
A lot of things have happened emotionally this whole month. A family member in my husbands family died. A lot of things have been going on my own family with my mother and father, my husband and i have been stolen off of due to friends of a family member of mine. Which brings me down to this. I don't want any hate please, but i would really like a little advice. I put my nuvaring sometime at the beginning of June and i forgot to remove it due to all these horrible things that keep happening to my husband and i. Its probably been about 6-7 weeks since i have inserted it whenever i remembered which was yesterday. My husband and i already have two kids, one that is 4 and the other is one. I wouldn't care to have another baby, but i am not sure if he is ready. I have taken pregnancy tests and they all came back negative. So should i just wait my period out before i put another in. I know you can put one in to keep from having a period and on the 3rd month to take it out for a week. I am not sure what to do. So someone please help.
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Nausea first day of each new ring - anyone know how to prevent this? [14 Jul 2013|06:43pm]

Today is the first day on my third ring; after a week off, I just put in a new ring last night.

There's a problem I have on each new first day: I'm terribly nauseous. The first time, I started throwing up around 3pm, and it continued for hours. The second time, I prepared myself by basically fasting; I still felt nauseous starting around the same time and lasting for hours, but I didn't throw up. This time I didn't fast... and I'm writing from my bathroom floor, pretty sure I'm going to throw up any minute now.

After a day or two, I'm fine. Once that initial nausea is gone, the rest of the time is great. I like being on birth control for the most part. My cycles have always been extremely irregular (anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks), and birth control regulates them. My periods are also usually very heavy and difficult, but the two I've had on the NuvaRing have been a little easier. So I'm looking for solutions other than stopping.

I'm going to try stacking the rings after this. If I can skip a period (withdrawal bleed) then I can probably skip the nausea as well. But from what I've been reading, I'll still need to have a period every few months or so.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else experienced this?
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hi girls! [14 Jun 2013|10:04pm]
Hi there, I hope someone will be able to solve my problem
This month I started using NuvaRing. Before it my period was delayed - as always, due to my hormonal problems.
But I was also very stressed because me and my bf used withdrawal once.
Anyway, my period finally came so I wassss extremaly happy and put NR in.
My period, in the beggining was normal, but now it's really light and i guess it will be finished after just 3 days
but all sympthoms i had like breast tenderness have stopped so i guess i don't suspect pregnancy...
it is not my first time with NR, i came back to it after 1,5 year break.
Then my first period lasted very looong
is this normal can NR shorten my period?
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Does anyone have experience buying the Nuvaring online? [05 Jun 2013|11:49am]

The Affordable Care Act in the US just kicked in for me as of my new insurance plan on 5/1. My Nuvaring costs $100 without insurance, and used to not be covered at all under my insurance. With the new plan it's $86. I love the Nuvaring, I've been on it for 10 years now, but it's just too damn expensive and I was counting on getting my birth control for free, but it looks like that's not happening.

I've heard a lot of people say they order them in 3s online, but I can't tell which Canadian pharmacies are legit.

I checked the memories but didn't see a post. Any tips?
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Period... [17 May 2013|02:56pm]
So, I just started Nuvaring last month. My doctor told me there was no reason to have a period so just leave it in and at the first of the month change it out. Well, I did that... and now, it is like I am having a light period with the darker colored discharge. I am just trying to figure out whats up :/. Is there a certain schedule until my body will realize its not trying to have a period? Help please.
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new to bc [03 Mar 2013|12:22pm]
i started my period on the 28 and inserted the ring today since my doctor said to insert it on sunday the week i get my period....he also told me i need to wait a month before letting my boyfriend well you know (im a little shy). but i read it only takes a week until your fully protected....

so is it a month or a week?? im confused and concerned
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Urgent Question... Help? [22 Jan 2013|02:38pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

I have been using NuvaRing for about 7 months now.. Last night I had sex with my boyfriend and the ring fell out. I didn't think anything of it because sometimes that happens and I figured I'd put it back in after we finished. Well, later that night after I left his house I remembered I never put it back in.. He wrapped it up and put it in the refrigerator and gave it back to me today. I rinsed it and put it back in but I'm nervous for if this will hurt me or the protection the rings provides me in any way.. I only had this ring in for a week before it came out, and I had it out for less than 20 hours.. Am I okay? Or will it hurt me having the same ring in for the next few weeks?

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Continuous use question [30 Sep 2012|05:51pm]

Hi all-
I've been using Nuva Ring for about 6 years now and I only recently learned that I can use it continuously to avoid the withdrawal bleed,  so I've started that regimen. I have one question though. I've heard that the regimen goes: 3 or 4 weeks of the ring in, remove it and then put another one in right away (I get that part), and then after like the third cycle of this (third month or so), you leave the ring out for a week (like you would for a normal cycle with withdrawal bleed). 

Can anyone tell me why you would need to leave it out for a week? If the point is to avoid the withdrawal bleed, why could't I do that forever basically? 
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Rifampin Question about Nuvaring [27 Aug 2012|10:47am]
Hello ladies,
It's been awhile since I posted. I guess that means I don't usually have questions but this one stumps me. I have lyme disease and my doctor prescribed Rifampin for me. Rifampin is known to be the one drug that conclusively lowers the effectiveness of birth control whereas a lot of other antibiotics are still in the grey area. I haven't started the Rifampin yet but I had sex on Saturday night and today is Monday. My question is, if I started it today would I still be protected? I know sperm can sometimes live in the body longer than just during the time you are having sex so I didn't know if that was true should I hold off longer before starting it? I really need to start it but don't want to take any chances on this. My boyfriend and I already agreed that once I start the medication we will use condoms for awhile...this was kind of a condom-free last hurrah since I will be on it for several months. Any help, please? :)
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Getting Married-- Help! [10 Aug 2012|03:32pm]
I have been on Nuvaring since May of this year. 
My Gyno said that I can skip my periods... I am getting married on September 2 and my schedule for a new ring on the 8th... the day we leave for our honeymoon. 
I have experienced a lot of spotting and breakthrough bleeding while skipping my period....usually lasts for 3 weeks and I only have one week free of no bleeding. This is my 2nd month skipping. My question is will the 3 week spotting decrease after time? Or will I always have spotting/ bleeding as long as I skip my period? 
What are some things I can do?
I don't want my period or spotting or breakthrough bleeding while traveling the country! 
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Very nervous [26 Jun 2012|12:11pm]
I have been on Nuva Ring for 3 Months now (this being my 3rd month). I put my ring in a few days later than I should have becuase my period took a week to get her ethen only lasted 3 days (which it usually does). So I put my ring in on the 22 intstead of the 18th. Well about 2 days after it was in I noticed red bumps and itching kind of like a rash. ( I am married and we are both clean.) Also last night (the 25th) we had unprotected sex, after he ejacualted it burned really bad.

So here is my question, do I need to be worried about being pregnant, and if I store them in my room and not in the fridge does it bother the effectiveness??

Please help we dont want kids and this is temporary until I can afford the Mirena.

EDIT: I have been on the pill for at least 10 years (got my period very young) so I switched right after the last pill period.
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Another question about skipping [14 Jun 2012|08:39am]
I don't believe this has been covered and I've never skipped using the nuvaring (I've been on the ring for a few years) I left the ring in for 4 weeks and then I took it out and it has been out for 4 days now. Was this wrong do I need to insert one immediately ? If so how long do I leave that ring in?
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