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nuva_ring's Journal

Lovers Of Nuva Ring
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Community Info
  • For: This is a community for anyone and every one interested in the NuvaRing. A place to ask questions and share your experiences.

  • Community Rules
    1. TITLE YOUR POSTS! This cannot be stressed enough. It is much easier to find and organize posts that have titles.
    2. Be courteous; do not start or participate in flame wars. Those who do will temporarily lose their posting access.
    3. Use lj-cut for pictures or long entries.
    4. Check the memories before posting a new question. Members of this community are always willing to answer questions. However, your question may have been asked before, it's polite to check the memories before duplicating. Also, there are more memories here in the birthcontrol community.
    5. Please stay on topic. This is a NuvaRing community, don't post about your dog (unless he did something to your ring...).
    6. This community was made for people who like the NuvaRing. If you had a negative experience with the ring, please don't attempt to purposely scare others from trying it. It is fine to post your problems or difficulties with the ring, but it is unnecessary to discourage others from using the ring. The ring is not for everyone, however; many have had positive experiences.
    7. This is not an "am I pregnant?" community. Those questions should be posted at the am_i_pregnant community.

    Warnings & Disclaimer
  • Zero Tolerance:
  • Don't be a troll. This community made to provide information to those interested in the NuvaRing. If you can't be nice or have problems being a constructive member of this community - just leave. You will be banned. Trolling is not tolerated.
  • Posting Access: In order to post in this community, you must join first.

  • Disclaimer: This is a community created by and for those interested in the NuvaRing. The views and opinions expressed within this community are those of the members. Those who need factual and/or unbiased information about the NuvaRing should contact NuvaRing.
  • Also, this community is not a substitute for a doctor. If you have a real medical problem, please see your doctor.

    Useful Links
    Full NuvaRing Prescribing Information
    How the NuvaRing Works

    Other Communities

    If you have any suggestions for items that should be added to the profile or memories contact so_cruel or mama_bean.