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My Painful Life on Continuous Nuvaring

All of my post-pubescent life I've experience painful, heavy periods. For years I told myself that it was normal and that most girls go through cramps and to just get over it. That being said, over the past 2-3 years I have had debilitating menstrual cramps, passing large clots and tissue, and figured, well maybe something isn't right and made and appointment to see an OBGYN.

Much to my dismay, instead of confirming that my periods weren't normal and trying to find an actual solution to my pain, he brushed it off to normal period pain, and prescribed me continuous BC. Seeing as I am terrible at remembering to take a medicine on schedule, I decided on NuvaRing, which I had used before as regular BC 3 weeks in 1 week out and had little problems, short of weight gain and decreased sex drive. So I thought that it would be a good and safe choice for me.

Boy was I wrong.

From the first day that I started, I was crampy, my breast were painful and grew to the point that I had to get a breast reduction. I bleed for 2 weeks straight and was told by the OBGYN nurse it was normal and after 3 months my body would get used to it. So while the weight gain and the breast pain and growth stopped, only after having the glands and 40% of my breast tissue removed, the break through clots and obnoxious cramps continued, and accompanied by some random "period" that is mostly tissue and clots and lasts for 2 weeks. As well as pain every single day and spotting 20 out of the 30 days a cycle.

I understand that I should be consulting with my OBGYN about this, but if you can imagine, I've come to not trust his judgment and failure to really listen to me has driven me to tears. I have also I have moved over an hour away from my OBGYN and my PHCP. I also realize that this is a forum for people that love NuvaRing but really I'm not against it. I used it successfully for over a year as intended and loved it. I really am posting this to get some sort of advice as to stop the use of the ring. I don't want to mess up my system anymore than it has. I know that there is probably other issues that may need to be addressed but right now, I need to figure out how to get this awful thing out of me safely.

I really hope that there is someone here that understand my plight and not group me in with women who suffer from the regular "cervix is releasing blood and needs to open" pain. Any advice would be awesome as I search for a new doctor. If you had any of the symptoms I'm experiencing or mainly how to stop I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you
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