ohhhell (ohhhell) wrote in nuva_ring,

ring out 1 week early, put in 1 week late

I had a really rough month and REALLY screwed up my birth control. I've been on the nuvaring for about 6 months now. Between stress at work and dealing with my sick kids, I accidentally removed my nuvaring 1 week early. Unfortunately I didn't even think about I out the new one in... 2 weeks later. I have auto-refills at the pharmacy so I received notification that my ring was ready for pick up. At that point I realized it had been 2 weeks since I had removed the ring.

I had my usual withdrawal bleed (no real cramping, just spotting/light flow) and had sex twice between the end of my "period" and when I put the new ring in.

I haven't had much luck looking this up on google, but is it possible I am pregnant? The ring was in for 2 weeks, out for 2 weeks. I have a gyn appointment tomorrow afternoon and I took a pregnancy test this morning that was negative... but realistically it hasn't been 2 weeks since I had sex so I doubt a test would show positive anyway.

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