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Nuvaring Question

A lot of things have happened emotionally this whole month. A family member in my husbands family died. A lot of things have been going on my own family with my mother and father, my husband and i have been stolen off of due to friends of a family member of mine. Which brings me down to this. I don't want any hate please, but i would really like a little advice. I put my nuvaring sometime at the beginning of June and i forgot to remove it due to all these horrible things that keep happening to my husband and i. Its probably been about 6-7 weeks since i have inserted it whenever i remembered which was yesterday. My husband and i already have two kids, one that is 4 and the other is one. I wouldn't care to have another baby, but i am not sure if he is ready. I have taken pregnancy tests and they all came back negative. So should i just wait my period out before i put another in. I know you can put one in to keep from having a period and on the 3rd month to take it out for a week. I am not sure what to do. So someone please help.
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