maddie_exx (maddie_exx) wrote in nuva_ring,

hi girls!

Hi there, I hope someone will be able to solve my problem
This month I started using NuvaRing. Before it my period was delayed - as always, due to my hormonal problems.
But I was also very stressed because me and my bf used withdrawal once.
Anyway, my period finally came so I wassss extremaly happy and put NR in.
My period, in the beggining was normal, but now it's really light and i guess it will be finished after just 3 days
but all sympthoms i had like breast tenderness have stopped so i guess i don't suspect pregnancy...
it is not my first time with NR, i came back to it after 1,5 year break.
Then my first period lasted very looong
is this normal can NR shorten my period?
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