colormeviola (colormeviola) wrote in nuva_ring,

Rifampin Question about Nuvaring

Hello ladies,
It's been awhile since I posted. I guess that means I don't usually have questions but this one stumps me. I have lyme disease and my doctor prescribed Rifampin for me. Rifampin is known to be the one drug that conclusively lowers the effectiveness of birth control whereas a lot of other antibiotics are still in the grey area. I haven't started the Rifampin yet but I had sex on Saturday night and today is Monday. My question is, if I started it today would I still be protected? I know sperm can sometimes live in the body longer than just during the time you are having sex so I didn't know if that was true should I hold off longer before starting it? I really need to start it but don't want to take any chances on this. My boyfriend and I already agreed that once I start the medication we will use condoms for awhile...this was kind of a condom-free last hurrah since I will be on it for several months. Any help, please? :)
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