maureenbean2009 (maureenbean2009) wrote in nuva_ring,

Getting Married-- Help!

I have been on Nuvaring since May of this year. 
My Gyno said that I can skip my periods... I am getting married on September 2 and my schedule for a new ring on the 8th... the day we leave for our honeymoon. 
I have experienced a lot of spotting and breakthrough bleeding while skipping my period....usually lasts for 3 weeks and I only have one week free of no bleeding. This is my 2nd month skipping. My question is will the 3 week spotting decrease after time? Or will I always have spotting/ bleeding as long as I skip my period? 
What are some things I can do?
I don't want my period or spotting or breakthrough bleeding while traveling the country! 
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