bbouchard (bbouchard) wrote in nuva_ring,

Very nervous

I have been on Nuva Ring for 3 Months now (this being my 3rd month). I put my ring in a few days later than I should have becuase my period took a week to get her ethen only lasted 3 days (which it usually does). So I put my ring in on the 22 intstead of the 18th. Well about 2 days after it was in I noticed red bumps and itching kind of like a rash. ( I am married and we are both clean.) Also last night (the 25th) we had unprotected sex, after he ejacualted it burned really bad.

So here is my question, do I need to be worried about being pregnant, and if I store them in my room and not in the fridge does it bother the effectiveness??

Please help we dont want kids and this is temporary until I can afford the Mirena.

EDIT: I have been on the pill for at least 10 years (got my period very young) so I switched right after the last pill period.
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