wifeymommie (wifeymommie) wrote in nuva_ring,

can you have sex when you take your nuva ring out for you 1 week?

I've been on the nuvaring for several months now but can never seem to get this question answered. When you have your ring in for 3 weeks it is required that you take it out 2 have one ring free week, well I was wondering how long the nuvarings hormones are in your system? Can I have unprotected sex before my period it supposed to start or am I at risk of getting pregnant?

I ask this because usually when I take my nuvaring out I start my period 2 days later so dueing those 2 days I have had unprotected sex.... so I guess my question is am I still protected 2 3 or even 4 days after taking out the ring before I start my period?
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